we are all here for you

when you feel alone,even when everyone around you is smiling,remember there is someone out there,someone like me,someone like friends you have yet to meet,someone like mentors who push you,who would give you anything,who would wipe your tears,who would hold out our arms for you,who would rewind time for you,who love you,despite your insecurities,despite outside pressure,despiteContinue reading “we are all here for you”

Our Last Stand

The darkness falls,with it the stars flicker out,one by one. The sun, fiery flame of heaven,snuffed out,like a flickering candleby barest human breath. Screams echo through the night,inhumane creatures roam the street,sharped fanged violence,sweet, sweet blood,they call out for. We are on the front-lines,bedraggled and half-dead,freshly out of high school,our shoulders crumbling underthe weight ofContinue reading “Our Last Stand”

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