empty space

there is an empty space the spot you last vacated angry words and heavy sighs whispered truths and shouted lies apologies now forever unheard speaks volumes about last words regret and tears our bitter drinks topped with fears come true nightmares alive drowning in silent cries shattered glass on the ground red strings of fateContinue reading “empty space”

dangers of imagination

empty spaces remain that – empty – as the night sky among city lightsthe star’s light has never been so dim beating echoing in blank roomsthe road ahead so achingly long,millions of doors slam open and shuta butterfly leaves your hand and turns into dust tampering with timethrows the mind into disarray,all remaining is theContinue reading “dangers of imagination”

rainy day dreams

rainy day drearywith water blues drippingdown crying window panes. beneath hug of warm blanketgrateful heat a cocoonagainst chills creeping up. in sweet pillows of dreamswith galaxies of unique colorbeaming across dark matter. flying among the cloudsuncaged by the confines of a human body,past glittering Little Dipper. past heaven’s tears dripping onto your back,precious water likeContinue reading “rainy day dreams”

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