feel nothing.

don’t worry, they say,people have it worse than you, they say,why are you crying? it doesn’t even look like it hurts that much, they say,be grateful for who you are, they say. my shards of feelingsburied beneath a gray maskof only great joy unmoved mannequin,my lips stretched – forever smile – i suffer nothing. deadContinue reading “feel nothing.”

we, together

we, together,look like a rising wave,blue and ferocious in its calling voices,screaming for change to current shambles,screaming for love in current hate. we, together,fly like a thousand arrows,hurtling towards the heart of this broken world,hurtling towards the head of this unstable society. we, together,stand strong like a brick wall,protecting against the bigotry and hate,protecting usContinue reading “we, together”

Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity has been become more often used in everyday conversations as feminism and awareness grows in society. However, before I begin this article, I would like to say that not all men exhibit toxic masculinity. I do not want this article to grossly stereotype all men has having aspects of toxic masculinity. There areContinue reading “Toxic Masculinity”

Importance of Depicting Mental Illnesses In Novels

Novels are touted as sources of fantasy and imagination that meet together with the realistic mind to create a painting of endless color and texture. They often take the unimaginable and put them into words that take you along for the ride. Other times, they take reality and twist it into a mocking stereotype ofContinue reading “Importance of Depicting Mental Illnesses In Novels”

Stereotypes: Accept Them, But Don’t Use Them

It’s a matter of walking a tightrope when you broach on the topic of appearances. It’s a known fact that society enjoys stereotyping all genders as certain people with certain appearance requirements they must make to be “beautiful” or “handsome” or “cute”. I, myself, bite my thumb when it comes to these topics because I’mContinue reading “Stereotypes: Accept Them, But Don’t Use Them”

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