i’m fine

burying beneath thousand blankets thick,repressed emotions bloomin a garden of thorns and dripping bloodhidden behind masks of happiness,the golden standard of life on a pedestal,admired by pulsing hearts– beating for you, they say – feigned smiles and laughs tighten with lines of tiredness,sadness crashes over when the crowd dissipatestill nothing is left but gasped breathsreachingContinue reading “i’m fine”

weather through the weather with me

fluctuating moodsdepend on the color of the day,the length of your smile,the melody of the song drowning out your voice,don’t hide away when a firestormsweeps across the town,or when rain floods barren streetssoaking you to the bone,or when the sun burns all in its path,weeds dissipating into smoke,weather through the pain with me,stand by myContinue reading “weather through the weather with me”

it may just be

it may just bethe smile on your face,the warm glow of the hearth,the pitter-patter of the rain,or the mug in your hand. it may just be,your hands in mine,like interlocking puzzle pieces,your talons aimed to protect,your words aimed to love. it may just be,our explosive fightsand beautiful make-ups,the pink roses and chocolatesyou handed me onContinue reading “it may just be”

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