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love letter

i have been thinkingabout my future lately,why i must exist. my time spent writing,if it is worth the effort,the time, pain, and tears when, in the future,my words will not build money,will not provide means to live and survivewithin a cold and cruel world,where sharks eat minnows. talent and fortune – lady luck falters withContinue reading “love letter”

weather through the weather with me

fluctuating moodsdepend on the color of the day,the length of your smile,the melody of the song drowning out your voice,don’t hide away when a firestormsweeps across the town,or when rain floods barren streetssoaking you to the bone,or when the sun burns all in its path,weeds dissipating into smoke,weather through the pain with me,stand by myContinue reading “weather through the weather with me”


don’t be afraid to cry,sweetheart,when the thunder is the loudestand the rain pours down the hardestbecause it is only whenyour vision is blurred and blinded,that after the storm clears,you will be able to see the lightand smile. Did you know that crying releases stress? Even more reason for you to cry. Don’t not cry becauseContinue reading “cry”