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golden dreams

when i fall asleep at nightwith my hair finally loose,i dream of golden dreamswith shimmering veilsand heart-wrenching laughsand smiles that take my breath awayto a land that i never want to forgetwhere my fingers skim the surface of clear lakesand my feet tread autumn leaveslined upon a soft dirt roadunderneath a bright blue skywhere autumnContinue reading “golden dreams”

The Realm of Morpheus

It is only when falling into loving Morpheus’s arms,where a canvas of black emerges,freshly drainedof slashes of vibrant anger,the crooning pain of deep ocean blue,the razor-edged leaves of four-leafed envy,and the small pinpricks of sunshine happiness.And only within Morpheus’s realm,can breaths be unhinderedby broken coughs,bloody promises slaughtered by false virtue,vacant words that leave much toContinue reading “The Realm of Morpheus”

How to Build a Stronger Immune System

Having a strong immune system is important in times of a pandemic. Although the streets remain silent and people stay in their homes, the country is reopening, and the virus is spreading. The truth is, staying indoors has not helped our immune system; perhaps it has weakened our immune system. The Internet has been buzzingContinue reading “How to Build a Stronger Immune System”