in this dark abyss,i see no light,the nightholds no visible starsand i am left alone,covered in scarsthat suffocate my dreamsuntil there is nothing leftholding me togetherat the seams,nobody leftto listen to my echoing screams but in the silenceand the muffled criesthere are voicesthat pierces through dark skiesthat remind meof sunrises and sunsetsand happiness and set-backsofContinue reading “abyss”

hero isolated

sea of lights floating beneath shadowy hills,darkness envelopes your figure – you are the only one left in this world,isolated, you fend off the shadows alone,the champion of the light no one knows – you watch civilization below you,their ingenious starlight captured in containers,staving away the claws at night. and you – you watch fromContinue reading “hero isolated”

chaos in silence

it’s silent in the media,Asians. we have to be loud.scream, shout, rant, cry,these are our brothers and sisters dying,we can’t stand aside, let them providenothing but a red stain on uneven pavementsand have the nation move on from these broken movements,or else, they win,those racists and xenophobics and all that’s wrong with this world,and thisContinue reading “chaos in silence”

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