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burning lights

spotlights cast me in the spotlightabove the screams in the nightreaching hands pull at my seamsand, under the moonlight, it truly seemsi am an ethereal sprite from unanswered dreams,but, beneath the bright light,lies a churning sight where streams run dry,and the light of the fire burns the esteemed into a shaky regime.

sunset night

sheets of plated gold layered over cloudy opal,withered trees casting shadows over uneven pavements,the starry night awe, a raven caws. okay, imagine this. half-hidden behind fields that look emerald green from afar, the top of the sun is barely visible, yet you can see the yellow and orange rays seeming to shine through a thinContinue reading “sunset night”

forgotten, beaten, ignored

on these sidewalks crackedred paints the winding crevasses around my feet – in the deep shadows,our hands reach out to the light,but they walk by, blind. chaos on the street,crowds skirting around the dead bodykicked to the curb. the pool of blood reaches our hands,dip our fingers into holy water forgotten,rain pours down from theContinue reading “forgotten, beaten, ignored”