my friend

my friend,i remember the photograph-wrinkled old days,streaming golden sunlight under white cloudswhere we sat on broken-down benches,staring at the future together. my friend, i remember the fights and the make-ups,the tears and the touch-ups,the fear and the happiness that consumed our lives,i remember everything. my friend,i found your shadow wandering around the district today,lost withContinue reading “my friend”

death and life

death a everlasting lantern,burning light,shadows caston broken hearts – tears dripon cavern floorsunheard life a temporary candle,wavering flamesshadows caston smooth wallsgust of windlight fadesaway i think i’m too obsessed with boundaries. boundaries between dreams and reality. boundaries between life and death. boundaries between shadows and light. particularly life and death. i’m intrigued by the latterContinue reading “death and life”

light and shadow

in the light… sparkling glitterpainting red porcelain lipssoft smile, rosy cheeks voice of an angelfallen from the high heavensgolden harp in hand a powerful soulcrushing expectationsshattered records left. in the shadows… pearly drops of bloodspill from cracked lips of raw skintears drip on bare floor a hoarse voice destroysher self-worth; mic thrown asidei can neverContinue reading “light and shadow”

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