these scars that maim your beauty,that crisscross across your pure soul,they each tell the story of your journey,give you unique characteristics that wouldn’t fit on another,paint your happiness in brighter lights,and give you a bigger heart – don’t view them as handicaps,despite at times they weigh you down as you swim and cause you toContinue reading “scars”

love yourself

“to love me,“he said, his curls brushing my face(it was windy that day;his cheeks and nose were red;his eyes were glittering,an everforest green against white backdrop,while my hands were warm in his,cocoa steaming on the wooden table in front of us,beanies and jackets long since hung,snow tracks around the cabin,while we kissed and he smoothedContinue reading “love yourself”

to save myself

my arms are tired, shoulders weary,my mouth barely moves – smiles take too much energy. darkness threatens to overtake, spill from my veins onto the ground,like squid ink, squid ink of darkest night. i’m drowning dr o w n in g, scattering into the wind. it is with my last words,epitaph on my grave reads“tooContinue reading “to save myself”

Take Your Opportunities

An opportunity is a mere butterfly gliding quickly in front of you. Cup the butterfly in your hands, and you have caught your opportunity. Let it fly away, and you remain stranded in the same place you have always been. It took me a long time to realize that I wasn’t taking my opportunities, andContinue reading “Take Your Opportunities”

The Little Things Matter

Feel the sun light stream through the windows. Listen to the birds chirping outside. Feel the smooth wooden surface of your desk underneath your fingers. Savor the warm linger of coffee in your mouth. Take in every laugh you have with your family or friends and save them in a padlocked box. Put makeup onContinue reading “The Little Things Matter”

The 5 Best Habits To Create To Have the Biggest Reward On Your Life

Positive habits are habits that create a large return on life. Oftentimes, our lives are filled with negative habits, habits that take out of our life or don’t help us at all. However, habits are one of the most important parts to create a life we enjoy and that we are proud to live in.Continue reading “The 5 Best Habits To Create To Have the Biggest Reward On Your Life”

Burnout: The Effect of a Competitive Society

A soldier continues marching even if his head feels like it is about to drop. He continues marching on as his friends are caught in the crossfire, blown apart by bombs, or disappear. He continues marching on even if his heart feels as if it going to beat out of his chest. Even if hisContinue reading “Burnout: The Effect of a Competitive Society”

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