stages of winter to spring

i. together (you are perfect for me.) together we were beautiful.together we were two halves of a puzzle piece.together we fit.together, we were one. ii. honeymoon (i love you.) honeymoon – we loved each other – honeymoon – we fascinated each other – honeymoon – we were gold to each other – honeymoon – weContinue reading “stages of winter to spring”


unto the beginning of winterwhere snow shalt falland branches bare bear their souls proudto silver-lined skies weepingpearly treasures fallen from the heavens. unto the beginning of springand flowers shalt bloombearing altruistic honey-suckled petalsopen to six-legged outcasts flying free in the light breeze. unto the beginning of summerwhere the sun shalt beam its angry beamson shriveledContinue reading “seasons”

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