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run, run, run

the school halls are quiet,too quiet,the sound of pops, laughter, then screams,and then pounding feetof hallowed eyes red flush in cheeksfear,run, run, run,the big bad wolf is chasing you,and the pops and the screams echo behind you,as you run into the quiet and the grass,and inside,the wet of blood runslike a bloody river down whiteContinue reading “run, run, run”

A Description of School

Rectangular buildings of medium heightSquat around the cracked cement,Fighting against the willowing trees for favor from the starsOverlook white paint slashes against dark green grassStudents with rallying cries fill the stadium,Lights flush against the rapidly setting darkness of the night. Sun fondly looking down,Bell rings at exactly 7:45am,And students file reluctantly into classroomsThe stifling pressureContinue reading “A Description of School”

Simply a Kind Word

Look back and be grateful, look ahead and be hopeful, look around and be helpful. Anonymous The girl wound her hair in a braid as she sat rocking on the swing. A small tear escaped from her eye. The kids at school were mean. They called her mean things. They called her “ugly bird” becauseContinue reading “Simply a Kind Word”