the water is smothering me. I smile, wondering at the foreign feeling on my face. The numbness helps, I decide, as I laugh off their perfect sharp jokes flying towards me, creating a shield of apathy. am i drowning? The chocolate melts on my mouth, but I can’t bring myself to care too much aboutContinue reading “drowning”

a future dictated

there is a plan for me already laid out in the books,in concrete,unerasable. there are the scheduledblinks, laughter, smiles, tears,the scheduledschools, hobbies, jobs my arms are enclosed in shackles,my legs in iron chains,attached to a rollercoasterthat I have no wish to be upon. there is blood running down the side of my face,from the metalContinue reading “a future dictated”


in the enda simple speck of dirtfloating in a maelstromof hatred, anger, sadness,of happiness, longing, and love. in the end,drowning under a million handswhose voices clamor for attention. And you wonder. someone who used to be lovedby family and friends,someone who drifted away so farinto a society who could hardly care,a voice that barely worked,alone.Continue reading “faceless”

A Story of the Lost and Found

When she fell, she did not get up. Chains anchored her to ground, and all she could do was look up and see the pinprick of light streaming in from the opening so far away. When she fell, she did not scream. She did not call out because her voice was too raw from yellingContinue reading “A Story of the Lost and Found”

We All Have a Story to Tell

Dark brown hair, tilted brown eyes, tanned skin. Blonde wavy hair, blue glittering eyes, fair skin. Dark curly brown hair, intense dark brown eyes, coffee-colored skin. We all have a story to tell. Past our skin color, past our look, past our personality. A person once told me we have three hearts. One heart weContinue reading “We All Have a Story to Tell”

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