Burnout: The Effect of a Competitive Society

A soldier continues marching even if his head feels like it is about to drop. He continues marching on as his friends are caught in the crossfire, blown apart by bombs, or disappear. He continues marching on even if his heart feels as if it going to beat out of his chest. Even if hisContinue reading “Burnout: The Effect of a Competitive Society”

The Case of Reading During the Pandemic

We are currently stuck in our homes, waiting for the social-isolation ban to lift. New Zealand has already lifted it ban, declaring its country virtually covid-19 free. There are many other countries who have followed suit or have already done so. And those in the United States, like me, are watching the growing covid-19 casesContinue reading “The Case of Reading During the Pandemic”

Day 16: Building a Pillow Fort

Fridays are for relaxing. And what better way for relaxing than building a pillow fort? Pillow forts are the epitome of relaxation. In fact, when you picture relaxation, you picture a pillow fort. At least, you will after reading this. The key aspects of a pillow fort are comfort, something in the middle to giveContinue reading “Day 16: Building a Pillow Fort”

The Coronavirus Effect

The clouds loom dark and heavy. Droplets of rain spill onto the ground, spreading in vain for something soluble to hold on. The mountains are covered from top to bottom, its normally majestic peaks hidden from view. And you gaze out the window longingly, watching the lightning flash and falling over every time the thunderContinue reading “The Coronavirus Effect”

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