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you and i

there are tears tracinggentle rainbows down your face,melting ice released from dark frozen floeshidden within recessesin your soul – revealed you to my blind eyes –your vulnerabilitytreasured forever cradled in my palms,i cherish red strings of fatetying you and i together forever

rainy thoughts

the heavens weep for all of those it has lost to the merciless winter sweeping across desert lands with a heavy hand, sparking no glance to the gray huddled masses crowded around a single burning fire. but hope can only burn for so long, and it sputters out as the heavens weep along with theContinue reading “rainy thoughts”

rainbow-colored wings

she wrapped herself in black and white cloth,blotting out the rainbow within,and she let her hair loose when she wanted to pull it up. she smiled and laugh and faked it for the crowdswhile the fire within her began to burn her up – burn her black and white cloth up – so that peeksContinue reading “rainbow-colored wings”