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thunder and lightning personified

slowly rumbling,the beast inside the sky is stirring,saliva dripping from its hungry maws,as he fumes and rages,anger electrifying its furred and yellow eyes,howling his woes from being caged in the skyto the earth below. As you can see with the recent influx of rainy day poems, it is obviously raining here. I like the rainContinue reading “thunder and lightning personified”

rainy thoughts

the heavens weep for all of those it has lost to the merciless winter sweeping across desert lands with a heavy hand, sparking no glance to the gray huddled masses crowded around a single burning fire. but hope can only burn for so long, and it sputters out as the heavens weep along with theContinue reading “rainy thoughts”

ghost town

the sky is dreary. rain falls down in merciless waterfalls, battering the cracking sidewalks relentlessly. trees with their branches stripped bare sway side to side. weakened roots from time without the sun threaten to give out. a river of dirt flows from the dirt fields in the north. red brick buildings, all roughly shaped cubesContinue reading “ghost town”

Chasing Away Grief

gray skies, pearl tears,ivory keys, wooden walls,golden pedals, shattered hearts,trembling fingers, heaving chest. she is seated at the piano. only her back faces you. but you can picture her face. the tears rolling down her porcelain white cheeks, bouncing off the ivory keys, and into her lap. her fingers are trembling – you can tellContinue reading “Chasing Away Grief”


i drew you five years ago. sharp charcoal lines – cheekbones, angles, body – fiery red hair and lipstick to match,tangoing among the wreckageas the world burned behind you sharp tongue and a wit to match,decisive, confident, beautiful,red heels, stiletto nails,a fire burned within you. today i drew you again. your tangled hair hiding yourContinue reading “faded”