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chaos in silence

it’s silent in the media,Asians. we have to be loud.scream, shout, rant, cry,these are our brothers and sisters dying,we can’t stand aside, let them providenothing but a red stain on uneven pavementsand have the nation move on from these broken movements,or else, they win,those racists and xenophobics and all that’s wrong with this world,and thisContinue reading “chaos in silence”

sundered then changed

thrown away into the trash,my breaths wasted,my words were not listened to,my hands useless,i was broken, my mouth open – uselessly –i could try to climb up –they weigh me down –i try to scream –my voice gives out –so a fire burned within my soul,and it stewed and grew,even under the layers of filth,soContinue reading “sundered then changed”