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today: georgia – cold

it’s the screams,white massage parlor wallspainted with spatters of red – pop, pop, pop – black hair matted against cold forehead – how long as it been – pain, it’s the pain, burning ice-cold, ice-hot,eyes forever closed, lost to the gates of heaven – or is it hell here? where Americansattack their own? have weContinue reading “today: georgia – cold”


The YouTube Fall-Out: The Power Behind Our Words

What do YouTube, TikTok, and blogging have in common? The users behind these platforms have the possibility to change the world and affect people in the world with their words. Every word that we put out on the internet has an impact. Every sentence we write has an impact. Every post we release has anContinue reading “The YouTube Fall-Out: The Power Behind Our Words”

Juneteenth: The Unofficial Holiday Rallying Cries Across the Country

Juneteenth is an unofficial holiday that commemorates the ending of slavery across America. On June 19, 1865, Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Texas to announce the ending of the Civil War and the subsequent freedom of all black people. This was two years after Abraham Lincoln gave the Emancipation Proclamation. Ever since June 19,Continue reading “Juneteenth: The Unofficial Holiday Rallying Cries Across the Country”

High Culture and Low Culture: Inequality and Racism

Culture has been a term relative to each year, constantly changing and with its own distinguishing features. For instance, the 60s were known for its hippie culture, while the 50s are displayed as postwar prosperity. Yet amidst this broad spectrum, culture is further fragmented down to high and low culture, relative to one’s social classes,Continue reading “High Culture and Low Culture: Inequality and Racism”