What Are We Proud of?

Why are we not proud? It is almost ingrained in human nature to be self-deprecating. We practice looking into the mirror and pointing at the features we hate and the features we wish we had. Everyday, we find something to be ashamed of. As a female, it’s almost shameful to be prideful. To pay complimentsContinue reading “What Are We Proud of?”

The Whirlpool of Fate versus Free Will: Importance of Human Connection

Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. William Jennings Bryan I remember we were in class on a Friday. My friend was telling me about how her English teacher had claimed she hadn’t turned in an essay, and she said she had, only to discover the essay was still inContinue reading “The Whirlpool of Fate versus Free Will: Importance of Human Connection”

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