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rainbow-colored wings

she wrapped herself in black and white cloth,blotting out the rainbow within,and she let her hair loose when she wanted to pull it up. she smiled and laugh and faked it for the crowdswhile the fire within her began to burn her up – burn her black and white cloth up – so that peeksContinue reading “rainbow-colored wings”

What Are You Good At?

Why is it Hard to Feel Good About Ourselves? It’s easy to compare yourself to others and point out flaws. It’s directly related to feeling low pride, to not feeling proud. It’s the same with reveling in what you are good at. We often look at the big picture. Athleticism, academic-wise, determination… It’s easy toContinue reading “What Are You Good At?”

What Are We Proud of?

Why are we not proud? It is almost ingrained in human nature to be self-deprecating. We practice looking into the mirror and pointing at the features we hate and the features we wish we had. Everyday, we find something to be ashamed of. As a female, it’s almost shameful to be prideful. To pay complimentsContinue reading “What Are We Proud of?”