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some days i look back on my drafts,twenty-six of them messily piled,all untitled,contents swirling around me in nostalgic confusionbefore settling down in the middle of a stormteenage angst bleeding through the pagesof half-written manuscripts and abandoned poems,saved until a later datebut never finished i was looking at my drafts today. oof, i remember exactly whatContinue reading “drafts”

mismatched comedy

yellow polka dots, purple stripes, clown suits perfect for springshit-eating grin and lifted eyebrow, scholarly smile, hands foldedhigh heels and suits, those shoes hurt my feetmullets and chopped hair, just wanted a small changespilled drinks and crumbled napkins, man, what a messy dinnerflying spit and otherworldly saucers, did i make you laugh too hard?blue elephantsContinue reading “mismatched comedy”

The Different Pieces of Love

Love – golden bubble – happinessTrue love’s kissto wake the sleeping beautyfrom her deep slumber.Pot of overflowing goldat the end of a wonderful,colorfulrainbow. love is like drinking firewhiskeywith the sharp burn of painand the feeling of elationand being high off of fumesthat follows. Love:self-love, love between partners, loving friends,love within family members, love between strangers,love,Continue reading “The Different Pieces of Love”

in a moment of time

in a moment of time,a brief blow of a breeze,a slight blink, a missed scene,the house of cards can come crumbling down. it was friday night,the moon was high,a luminous bowl of white wine in the sky. you and i, on the run,from our responsibilities. our car was blasting music,shared smiles, sly glances,the smell ofContinue reading “in a moment of time”

Written Words: My Muse

My heart begins thudding faster,As my eyes grow glassier with every second.I throw my hands up, Triumph gleaming in every corner of my bone.I tremble before the scene I have just written,Something so beautiful I cannot describe. One Republic plays softly in the background,Their voices crooning stories of sadness and love,As I write my ownContinue reading “Written Words: My Muse”