Pink Is Not Our Color

Pink is not our color,You can’t expect us to simply comply.We live among dragons who breathe fire,Yet we are supposed to sweep their mess and cry. Pink is not our color,We are ladies of a thousand butterfly wings.Don’t tell us we are fragile,Else we might butcher your tyrannical kings. Pink is not our color,We areContinue reading “Pink Is Not Our Color”

Death Waits For No One

Death reaches out a pale bony handFrom underneath his ebony night cloak,Sweeping back his hood in this strange land, Face of nightmares and dreams provoked. He points at a the sturdy ivy-strewn ridge,Wipes your brow with a gentle finger,And leads you across the floating bridge,The grey mist tells you not to linger. Death does notContinue reading “Death Waits For No One”

Life is a Circle

A soft fluffy little chick Trembling, emerges from white broken egg.The egg must be laid by a chickenBut the chicken must appear from an egg,So the question still remains,Which came first, I beg,The chicken or the egg? Draw a perfect circle,And you will see,A circle has no beginning.The line goes around without a start orContinue reading “Life is a Circle”

Life in Color

The sun rises, ever so bright,Pink, orange, and yellow slashes in the light,Outside air is still quite misty,Green plants tilted downwards hastily. Yellowing lawn is sprinkled with dew,Roses, daisies, and lilies – red, purple, and blue,Houses before me are still and silent,Gravel road untrodden as it brightens. Inside is warm and cozy,Warm light emanates fromContinue reading “Life in Color”

Sometimes You Just Need To Cry

Raindrops patter on window sillTears weeping down your weary faceThunder grows louder stillThe flowers wilt in the vase. You wipe a tear flowing from your eyeAs lightning flashes within the nightYour shoulders slump as you sighAnd still tears run with might. The thunderstorm ends with a final mighty boomYour hair is a mess, your eyesContinue reading “Sometimes You Just Need To Cry”

A Description of School

Rectangular buildings of medium heightSquat around the cracked cement,Fighting against the willowing trees for favor from the starsOverlook white paint slashes against dark green grassStudents with rallying cries fill the stadium,Lights flush against the rapidly setting darkness of the night. Sun fondly looking down,Bell rings at exactly 7:45am,And students file reluctantly into classroomsThe stifling pressureContinue reading “A Description of School”

The Thoughts of a Mother and a Child

MotherOh, how I must watch over my little child,Her dainty fingertips reaching into the air,Her smile lighting up the world around her.Trips and falls, A scream of fear utters from my lips,The rocks of which lie a good yard from her,Are too close,And I gently hoist her up,Back to the house. Oh, how I missContinue reading “The Thoughts of a Mother and a Child”

Flying Away

Two pairs of shoes,And clothes scattered on the groundLuggage goneAnd I’m alone again. All I’m left with is the smell of you,And the tears dripping down,Into the ground you once stood in. I still see our pictures on the wall,Hands around each other,Intertwined in life and happiness. The sound of your crooning voice,When you playedContinue reading “Flying Away”

Growing Up

I do not remember…My first smile,First laugh,First steps. I don’t even rememberSeeing the sun for the first time,Or hearing the terrifying boom of thunder. But then the memories click into place,From the flashes of kindergarten to second grade,And more coherent galleries of colorsFrom third to sixth,And the heartpounding moments of junior highTo the trials andContinue reading “Growing Up”

Happiness in Demise

Little girl on white, white floorUnmoving figure of goddess Venus pristinePuffs of breath, a cloud of dustSwirls around her mouthAs a placid smile stretches her face,Eyes of sadness cry. Fingers coiled around dark red rosePrick of blood Drip, Drip, DripA snap of light holds it forever,A moment suspended in the past. Writings on a white,Continue reading “Happiness in Demise”

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