in the enda simple speck of dirtfloating in a maelstromof hatred, anger, sadness,of happiness, longing, and love. in the end,drowning under a million handswhose voices clamor for attention. And you wonder. someone who used to be lovedby family and friends,someone who drifted away so farinto a society who could hardly care,a voice that barely worked,alone.Continue reading “faceless”


Confidence has never been my strong suit.It has always been my downfall.I have always been afraid I would be given the boot,So much so I could not stand tall. Fear is what kept me rooted to one spot,Kept me rooted there for too long. It’s funny how one single thoughtCan turn a song to beContinue reading “Confidence”


the snow drifts lazily around the midnight moon,barren trees shedding a blanket of white,amidst the rapidly lightening night,two glowing eyes watch. scraggly and thin, worn from a hard life,ruby blood stains his weary jaw,together, he hunts with his family,alone, he suffers. the night is old, the moon fading,a lonely howl cleaves the steady silence,an owlContinue reading “wolf”

Broken Dreams

Shattered glass across the floor,Woven threads of red along the edgesAnd there she is…Lying so still. And I scream when the bear shouts“Goldilocks!” and I turn confusedOnly to be hit by an incoming carAnd shoved into a bed of medium size. Help, please, he begged,Tears were tracing down his face,But I didn’t move.He deserved it.Continue reading “Broken Dreams”

imperfections and flaws

my body in the mirrorspeaks of only disgust and anger.too fat, too skinny,my body is nothing. why is my hair so wrong?it’s too curly, too straight, too wavyit won’t stay in place, it’s ugly compared to hers. makeup won’t hide my acne or my scarsnor how my eyes are tilted at the edgesor how myContinue reading “imperfections and flaws”

When We Were Young

our feet pattered against the floorin happiness, we crowed as we racedtowards the pole, our hands stretched outi touched it first, laughing. the sun was warm and the glow was strongice cold water against our lips, as we splashedin the pool, slapping water at each otherin childish delight. homework were sheets of blank paperstudents wereContinue reading “When We Were Young”

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