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i am love (爱)

it’s the same old thing, day after day,sun rises, moon wanes, ash floats in the gray,life – what is it truly – continues to crawl onin the shape of the cars skidding on the highways – gonewithin a flash, people too busy to look up and see,i feel alone – my heart is silent, thereContinue reading “i am love (爱)”


your words, your songs, your smiles… they’ve been written, sang, smiled by others. your eyes, your skin color, your hair… they’ve been worn by others. nothing about you is original,not even the left mole on your cheek, or your bent nose, or your green-blue eyes like the ocean water. But the way these parts weaveContinue reading “Originality”

Intelligence Does Not Define You

Intelligence is touted as one of the most valued currency in our society. In fact, it is placed on a high pedestal, rightly so, since intelligence is what will get us through hard paths and into the light. However, oftentimes, people rely so much on intelligence that they forget that there are other aspects ofContinue reading “Intelligence Does Not Define You”