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the universe guides my hand,blindly, i follow Fate, cruel mistress,as thorn traps scratch my souland golden frogs rip out my heart,i walk down Fate’s path blindly,looking for something that isn’t there do you believe in fate or choice? or a mixture of both? to believe in fate or to not believe in fate, that isContinue reading “fate”

Walking Along a Cracked Path

Spider-webbed cracks r u n n i n galong an empty pavement. Soft soles glide,and weary head fallswith tearsand a weary heartwails. One road from here,and only the horizonis visible in a sky full of misty clouds,blocking the view of blue. Animals are scarce,dust motes swirlin an elaborate danceto death. Plants wilt and crumble,along sandyContinue reading “Walking Along a Cracked Path”

Girl With Stars in Her Eyes

A girl swathed with moonlight,With hair flowing from ebony silk,Dark lustrous eyes shining with light of the stars,Slender body whirling at night. A girl with sharp teeth and an even sharper tongue,Eyes that flash with flames with provoked,Beauty is not her concern,Neither is fame or fortune. Hatred against the merest slights,Shifting temper with a blowContinue reading “Girl With Stars in Her Eyes”