is it wrong to not want to fly?

am i broken if i choose not to fly? these wings weren’t made for a broken butterfly,translucent shimmering strands of silkto adorn the beauty of a reigning monarch,the caterpillar on the ground shies away from flying. society’s standards push us out of our nestto watch us fly – it is the inevitable for every humanContinue reading “is it wrong to not want to fly?”

contemplating life but mostly just wishing

it’s as if the whole word is revolving around you – the branches swaying from side to side, caressed by the sweeping wind brushing its gentle sway over the life among it and the outline of the moon high up in the still pastel blue sky as the sun in the west waves its finalContinue reading “contemplating life but mostly just wishing”

start of autumn

chill of a cool breeze,breathtaking golden sunlight,autumn leaves falling I just went walking, and came up for the inspiration for this piece. It is simply beautiful right now in sunny California, with the mountains with their snow-capped peaks and the golden sunlight filtering through tree branches, coupled with the yellow, orange, and red leaves lyingContinue reading “start of autumn”

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