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Life in Color

The sun rises, ever so bright,Pink, orange, and yellow slashes in the light,Outside air is still quite misty,Green plants tilted downwards hastily. Yellowing lawn is sprinkled with dew,Roses, daisies, and lilies – red, purple, and blue,Houses before me are still and silent,Gravel road untrodden as it brightens. Inside is warm and cozy,Warm light emanates fromContinue reading “Life in Color”

The Plight of the Book-Lover

My whole life is spent between the well-worn pages of musty books from the ancient library in our city. My hands are wrinkled from paper-cuts by turning the pages too quickly. My mind is sharpened and ever-wandering, walking the different worlds outside of the chaotic Earth I live in. I look for the fantastical. IContinue reading “The Plight of the Book-Lover”