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of “love” forgotten

words are never enough.English words of love, heart, and beauty thrown around in society without another thought,forgotten, trodden on,superficial – a smile that doesn’t reach your eyes,kisses from habit, not from the heart.moonlight skips across the surface of the lake, rippling. the stone sinks from its burdened grief – i try to reach you, butContinue reading “of “love” forgotten”

love yourself

“to love me,“he said, his curls brushing my face(it was windy that day;his cheeks and nose were red;his eyes were glittering,an everforest green against white backdrop,while my hands were warm in his,cocoa steaming on the wooden table in front of us,beanies and jackets long since hung,snow tracks around the cabin,while we kissed and he smoothedContinue reading “love yourself”