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motivation for the frozen

… some days, as you sit at your desk —watch YouTube videos, doodle lazily, yawn a few hundred times —you are the frozen fixture in life,the people around you in the crowd,ebbing and flowing,discovering a new element, being a savior, working, working, working,and you start to wonder — what can i be doing at thisContinue reading “motivation for the frozen”


We Can’t Always Be Strong

Society demands us to: Stay strong. Don’t cry. Smile. Look beautiful. Bite your tongue. Women are still, even in 2020, like objects. Even in middle school and high school, girls force themselves into tight jeans and crop tops. They get whistled at on the streets. When they get cat-called, they bite their tongue because thisContinue reading “We Can’t Always Be Strong”

5 Ways To Keep Your Workout Consistent

Working out from home is more essential than ever. Because we have nothing else to do, we are often sitting in front of our computer, typing away. However, like multiple studies have shown, sitting for long periods of time is damaging to our health. For instance, sitting for a long time causes increased risk ofContinue reading “5 Ways To Keep Your Workout Consistent”

Five Ways to Stay Motivated and On Task

In quarantine, we have more time than ever to finish those essential tasks that we kept putting off in the beginning of the year because we were too busy. Unfortunately, quarantine also means that we have more time than ever to procrastinate on those essential tasks. And become sidetracked through social media, television, or surfingContinue reading “Five Ways to Stay Motivated and On Task”