mother’s journey

gently, she kissesthe top of her baby’s head,wishing for the best she carries the houseon her well-worn tired shoulders – her baby gurgles nights filled with worriesof her baby – her future – tear tracks carved in deep the wrinkles of timemark her face as her baby grows and blossoms sweet till the day arrivedwhenContinue reading “mother’s journey”

Chasing Away Grief

gray skies, pearl tears,ivory keys, wooden walls,golden pedals, shattered hearts,trembling fingers, heaving chest. she is seated at the piano. only her back faces you. but you can picture her face. the tears rolling down her porcelain white cheeks, bouncing off the ivory keys, and into her lap. her fingers are trembling – you can tellContinue reading “Chasing Away Grief”

colored words

It’s the swirling of colors around each wordthat brings me back to life,away from the dredges of a dark room,lonely heart, and sad soul.  My father’s words carried slashes of red,the red of the beer bottles that flew past meas he hurtled them to the wall – glass breaking –and when there were no bottles,thereContinue reading “colored words”

The Thoughts of a Mother and a Child

MotherOh, how I must watch over my little child,Her dainty fingertips reaching into the air,Her smile lighting up the world around her.Trips and falls, A scream of fear utters from my lips,The rocks of which lie a good yard from her,Are too close,And I gently hoist her up,Back to the house. Oh, how I missContinue reading “The Thoughts of a Mother and a Child”

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