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when the clock ticks past six at night – tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock – a raven caws its sorrowsamong the outline of trees standing stark against a backdrop of a blackholeof lost dreams – my dreams are plagued with shadow monsters clawing futilely – lights just beyond its scabbed claws – the womanContinue reading “nightmares”


Our Last Stand

The darkness falls,with it the stars flicker out,one by one. The sun, fiery flame of heaven,snuffed out,like a flickering candleby barest human breath. Screams echo through the night,inhumane creatures roam the street,sharped fanged violence,sweet, sweet blood,they call out for. We are on the front-lines,bedraggled and half-dead,freshly out of high school,our shoulders crumbling underthe weight ofContinue reading “Our Last Stand”