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in a moment of time

in a moment of time,a brief blow of a breeze,a slight blink, a missed scene,the house of cards can come crumbling down. it was friday night,the moon was high,a luminous bowl of white wine in the sky. you and i, on the run,from our responsibilities. our car was blasting music,shared smiles, sly glances,the smell ofContinue reading “in a moment of time”

The Little Things Matter

Feel the sun light stream through the windows. Listen to the birds chirping outside. Feel the smooth wooden surface of your desk underneath your fingers. Savor the warm linger of coffee in your mouth. Take in every laugh you have with your family or friends and save them in a padlocked box. Put makeup onContinue reading “The Little Things Matter”

Living in the Moment: Tips and Tricks

Too often we find ourselves living in the past or the future. About at least ten times a day, I am reminiscing about the past, thinking about what I could do better. About at least three hours a day, I am preparing for the future, working on the SAT and striving to make myself moreContinue reading “Living in the Moment: Tips and Tricks”