weather through the weather with me

fluctuating moodsdepend on the color of the day,the length of your smile,the melody of the song drowning out your voice,don’t hide away when a firestormsweeps across the town,or when rain floods barren streetssoaking you to the bone,or when the sun burns all in its path,weeds dissipating into smoke,weather through the pain with me,stand by myContinue reading “weather through the weather with me”

dark influence

My life is contained to this house. White walls on white walls. Wooden floor. The planks never creak. Everything is in place. Nothing is out of order. At exactly 7am, I wake up. (I don’t use an alarm because I remember you used to tell me alarms were for the weak.) I get out ofContinue reading “dark influence”


the people watch me go. they are transparent, like ghosts. i recognize all of their faces – people have wronged. Sarah, James, Kate, Jong. there are more, but I can’t bear to see their gaping mawsblood on their faces, accusing eyes chains shackle me to the walls. there is a key in front of me.itContinue reading “leaving”

come home

the shouts of terrorthe whizz of bulletsthe thumping of drumsmy heart in my throat Her tender hands caress his skin,his eyes looking into horrors,horrors of the pasthe cannot escape. luis falls blossoming of blood,the screams “please” “help”they mean nothingmy hands cover his woundthe light fades out Whimpers escape his lips,shattered glass lies in front ofContinue reading “come home”


the water is smothering me. I smile, wondering at the foreign feeling on my face. The numbness helps, I decide, as I laugh off their perfect sharp jokes flying towards me, creating a shield of apathy. am i drowning? The chocolate melts on my mouth, but I can’t bring myself to care too much aboutContinue reading “drowning”

A Story of the Lost and Found

When she fell, she did not get up. Chains anchored her to ground, and all she could do was look up and see the pinprick of light streaming in from the opening so far away. When she fell, she did not scream. She did not call out because her voice was too raw from yellingContinue reading “A Story of the Lost and Found”

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