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hero isolated

sea of lights floating beneath shadowy hills,darkness envelopes your figure – you are the only one left in this world,isolated, you fend off the shadows alone,the champion of the light no one knows – you watch civilization below you,their ingenious starlight captured in containers,staving away the claws at night. and you – you watch fromContinue reading “hero isolated”

feel nothing.

don’t worry, they say,people have it worse than you, they say,why are you crying? it doesn’t even look like it hurts that much, they say,be grateful for who you are, they say. my shards of feelingsburied beneath a gray maskof only great joy unmoved mannequin,my lips stretched – forever smile – i suffer nothing. deadContinue reading “feel nothing.”

The Mask of False Smiles

A false smile adorns our face,Bleeding tears crystallizeInto soft rivulets of liquid mercury. Wails of sorrow and miseryRival that of a banshee,Smothered by a false smileAnd eyes that cry silver. Our back cracksUnder bone-breaking pressure,The weary traveller,Cracking underneath cunning guileAnd a false smile. To the grave, our heart cracksAnd shatters,Our legs give out with aContinue reading “The Mask of False Smiles”

wearing a mask, not to protect, but to breathe

It began in early September,where the sun made his bed in the early hours of day,and retired to his study in the late hours of the afternoon. Cloth coverings, of black and white matter,were used to protect the peoplefrom breathingin the virus. The sun rose one day,and with it rose the flaming pits offire.And sparksContinue reading “wearing a mask, not to protect, but to breathe”