shades of color

the shades of color –prejudices,perceived disgust –which rule our worldbreak and bind our hearts. black and white,shades in between,define our limits – our cages – forever chainedto damaged stereotypesthat muffle our shouts. spectrum of rainbowsbright and vibrantof soulful truth – of personal truth – dulled by grey skiesthreatening to rainand drown out beauty. blue andContinue reading “shades of color”

Just a Conversation: Male and Female Inequality

What has always fascinated me is the duality between male and female inequality. It is even more ironic to think about how our country was founded on equality, yet the abject and abysmal human nature has converted invisible straight lines into complex knots. We can accept we will never achieve true equality between both gendersContinue reading “Just a Conversation: Male and Female Inequality”

Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity has been become more often used in everyday conversations as feminism and awareness grows in society. However, before I begin this article, I would like to say that not all men exhibit toxic masculinity. I do not want this article to grossly stereotype all men has having aspects of toxic masculinity. There areContinue reading “Toxic Masculinity”

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