What does it mean to live?

breathing.in outin out. eatingdrinking. d a n c i n g. laughing,laughing until tears form,laughing until you can’t breathe,laughing, laughing, laughing. looking at the sunset,revelling in the dance of colors,smiling at your friends’ antics. PRANKS! Enjoying,hugging,kissing,crying,yelling… walking across the colors of the rainbowsand the overwhelming emotions,across green jealousy and blue peaceand gray sadness and brightContinue reading “What does it mean to live?”

Remembrance to the Darkened Flag

On this day, 9/11, nineteen years ago in the year of 2001, the Twin Towers fell. The Pentagon was hit. A plane crashed in the fields of Pennsylvania. On this day, 9/11, nineteen years ago in the year of 2001, people died.Mass chaos and destruction reigned.Heroic saviors of a diverted plane lost their lives. OnContinue reading “Remembrance to the Darkened Flag”

We Are Living in a Dystopian Novel

We are living in a dystopian novel. Ash decorates our shirts like a faux fur coat. Every breath we take shudders from the small particles that threatens to tear our lungs apart. And the smoke continues to rise. Red, orange flames decorate the horizon. Our mouths taste of fear. They are dry. The fire hasContinue reading “We Are Living in a Dystopian Novel”

Old Prejudices

We live in a world torn apart by prejudices. A world torn apart by divisions between genders. Between colors. Between each other. Women received the right to vote in America on August 18, 1920 with the passing of the 19th Amendment. Old prejudices have not changed. In households, traditions are upheld. In mine, women cook,Continue reading “Old Prejudices”

The Beauty of Writing

There is something so soothing about writing. Maybe it’s the way the words roll over each other, like the rolling current of a river. Maybe it’s the fact that writing is like magic. with glittering charm and flashing eyes, it has a certain way of persuading you that you aren’t you. Maybe it’s because writingContinue reading “The Beauty of Writing”

Nothing Will Be The Same

Nothing will be the same, you see? The masks, the gloves… We’re all afraid to touch each other. We don’t want to be in enclosed spaces surrounded by living breathing people who can… I shudder to even think about it. And the poor children! How they must go to school… haven’t you heard about theContinue reading “Nothing Will Be The Same”

Stories: Made to Inspire, Not To Live In

I wear a cloak of stories that swishes with every step. My body is adorned with the scars and hearts of all the characters I have read. I have lived a long time in story-world. There was a time where I believed that in life I would get nowhere. So I turned to reading, whereContinue reading “Stories: Made to Inspire, Not To Live In”

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