our fingertips brush the trickle of tear, silent sighs,when forever was foreverbut became temporary. when your heart was my heartthe time beating togethernow the endless stretchpausing between measures, uncertainmelody – apart. lingering fragrancemixed with the bitterness of tears, flower b l o o m e donce here, but the sun enveloped by night disappeared. wallsContinue reading “loss”

lovers over greed

money can fill pocketswith its greed and leathery feelwhispered assurances of futures secured,comfy couches, empty houses,beautiful women but nothing comparesto the fullness in my heart,warm flood from your love and nothing comparesto laughter in our small housesoft stolen kisses our hands intertwinedmouths brushing, our hearts touching,i always choose you.


sunlight ripples across open curtains –fluttering cloth painted with shadesof white and yellow –light playing across your face –shimmering radiance controlled by a greater hand than mine – my finger trailing across your nose bridge,basking in the velveteen feel of your soft skin beneathcalloused fingers. sunlight glimmers and distorts,light caressing your yellow strands of hairtillContinue reading “ethereal”


it was slow,beginning with secret smiles,flickering eyes. friends first,with shared handshakes,simple feels. bikes on gravel,water in summer,side by side. butterflies flewaround our heads,drawn together. five years past,hidden secretsfighting out. jealousy and envy,monsters that reignedin our hearts. secret confessionsouted,feelings reciprocated. butterflies,still fluttering,perched on our noses. shared handshakes,secret smiles,connecting hearts.

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