The Different Pieces of Love

Love – golden bubble – happinessTrue love’s kissto wake the sleeping beautyfrom her deep slumber.Pot of overflowing goldat the end of a wonderful,colorfulrainbow. love is like drinking firewhiskeywith the sharp burn of painand the feeling of elationand being high off of fumesthat follows. Love:self-love, love between partners, loving friends,love within family members, love between strangers,love,Continue reading “The Different Pieces of Love”

colored words

It’s the swirling of colors around each wordthat brings me back to life,away from the dredges of a dark room,lonely heart, and sad soul.  My father’s words carried slashes of red,the red of the beer bottles that flew past meas he hurtled them to the wall – glass breaking –and when there were no bottles,thereContinue reading “colored words”

explain to me

explain to me lovein all its various forms,bubbles of pink and slashes of redon a glowing white canvas. explain to me worry,the shudders that make its wayinto my body,the chewing of nails, panting breaths. explain to me happiness,gold at the end of a life-long rainbow,and if it can be achievedbefore i fade away into theContinue reading “explain to me”

a chain of events

small flower, dainty petals,droplets of dew and rain mingle,touched fingers, shy smiles,linked hands: friends. school smarts, family broken,inseparable, we fight and rage,friends forever, we vow together,always you and me. middle school, everything changes,you with your new group of friends,of athletes and pretty girls,beauty never blossomed for me. high school falls, i fall with it,glasses perchedContinue reading “a chain of events”

love: part iii

love is a fickle thing,jumping from one place to another,sometimes it fizzles outwhile other times, it blossoms. for my sister,i love her well,but when her fickleness comes to pass,i shudder in annoyance. for my mother,love is mutual, as it should be,but interfering in beloved thingsbrings hatred in darkest formon wings. for my father,love is aContinue reading “love: part iii”

Love is…

Love is like the taste of hot chocolateOn a chilly winter night. Love is like a butterfly landing on your handDuring the sweet-smelling spring time. Love is like laughing too hardUntil you begin crying tears of joy. Love is like slow dancing in the middle Of a party jam. Love is like peppery kisses downContinue reading “Love is…”

We All Want Real Love.

We all ache for real love. It sits in our bones. We look at the people around us, hearts aching in envy as they pull each other into a kiss. We look back at ourselves, finger our shirts, and wonder why we haven’t found that special person, and why it hurts. True love is whatContinue reading “We All Want Real Love.”

The Plight of the Book-Lover

My whole life is spent between the well-worn pages of musty books from the ancient library in our city. My hands are wrinkled from paper-cuts by turning the pages too quickly. My mind is sharpened and ever-wandering, walking the different worlds outside of the chaotic Earth I live in. I look for the fantastical. IContinue reading “The Plight of the Book-Lover”

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