Chasing Away Grief

gray skies, pearl tears,ivory keys, wooden walls,golden pedals, shattered hearts,trembling fingers, heaving chest. she is seated at the piano. only her back faces you. but you can picture her face. the tears rolling down her porcelain white cheeks, bouncing off the ivory keys, and into her lap. her fingers are trembling – you can tellContinue reading “Chasing Away Grief”

it may just be

it may just bethe smile on your face,the warm glow of the hearth,the pitter-patter of the rain,or the mug in your hand. it may just be,your hands in mine,like interlocking puzzle pieces,your talons aimed to protect,your words aimed to love. it may just be,our explosive fightsand beautiful make-ups,the pink roses and chocolatesyou handed me onContinue reading “it may just be”

scenarios of love

first love, fake love we met around the pond, accidental greetings, stammering words,one meeting grew to two, two to four, four to ten, ten to more,hands intertwined, lips on lips,soft touches, warm smiles two days after a warm day,a day spent with pink lips and golden glows,apologies through the phone,fireworks turned into boredom – heContinue reading “scenarios of love”

Young Love

i. birth Seems like we were born yesterday,downy hair and petal skin,fresh from mother’s womband bawling lustily. ii. the beginnings Fingers touching shyly,interlocked, we promised each othereternity and life. iii. first fight Betrayal and anger,explosive fights, words sharp as glasslost in a whirlstorm of sandand insecurities. iv. forgiveness Tears ran down your shoulders,as I bawledContinue reading “Young Love”

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