freed.who i am,who i wish to be,tied in expectationsof who they want me to berestrained within a cagethis bird cannot fly freeher feathers clippedblue wings shedwho i amlost. i tried to make a poem that is reversible… but it didn’t exactly work? everything makes sense except for the line “tied in expectations”, and i couldn’tContinue reading “blue”


melt of snow on mountain caps,the empty stump of a once vital tree,smoke drifting from rubblethe reach of my hand for yours but you drift awaywith the break of the wavescolored red, heartbreak,your tears don’t surface your emotions blind your eyesthe decision made, i see the hatchet bloodshed around us, only my pride left,don’t –Continue reading “don’t”

lost youth

when the golden sunriseswe leave behindresurface in our deepest dreams,we see the looming darkness aheadand cry out in pain,grasping for what we lost,what we never had,and what we missed,wondering why the gift of sightreturns to our blind eyesso late in life “lost stars” by adam levine – “tell us the reason why youth is wastedContinue reading “lost youth”

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