empty space

there is an empty space the spot you last vacated angry words and heavy sighs whispered truths and shouted lies apologies now forever unheard speaks volumes about last words regret and tears our bitter drinks topped with fears come true nightmares alive drowning in silent cries shattered glass on the ground red strings of fateContinue reading “empty space”


Silvery orb hanging in night sky,watching dots of silver fly byon six-laned highways.  dots of silver hardly stop, pausing at gas stations,the occasional human wanderingaround its empty lots, averted eyes. three cars pull away reluctantlyfrom the endless current drawn to empty lots and open skies. girl with silver-lined eyes drowns her dreams in dark coffee,Continue reading “travelers”

The Loneliness of Today’s Day and Age

“Modern loneliness/never alone, always depressed/love my friends to death/but I never call, I never text”-“Modern Loneliness” by Lauv I was listening to Lauv’s “Modern Loneliness” and was struck with how true this song was in describing today’s day and age. The video of this song was even more heartbreaking, highlighting our obsession with social media.Continue reading “The Loneliness of Today’s Day and Age”

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