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rushing along the highway of life

our lives pass by quick,cars speeding along high ways,a blink of an eye flash of bright lightning,we finds ourselves behind veils,surrounded by earth but we are blindedby riches and golden greedcount money by days we flip through pagesof finance and novels quicktime will never stop but we flip too quickand lose the meaning of lifeinContinue reading “rushing along the highway of life”

thunder and lightning personified

slowly rumbling,the beast inside the sky is stirring,saliva dripping from its hungry maws,as he fumes and rages,anger electrifying its furred and yellow eyes,howling his woes from being caged in the skyto the earth below. As you can see with the recent influx of rainy day poems, it is obviously raining here. I like the rainContinue reading “thunder and lightning personified”

Flying in the Clouds

The girl jumped into the air, her gray feathered wings spreading wide and catching the wind. She whooped with joy as she soared upwards and then downwards, following the trajectory of the birds in front of her. Her dark hair flew every which way, forming a halo around her head. Her brown eyes glittered, andContinue reading “Flying in the Clouds”