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no muscles, no abs,no cape or suit,or fancy cars and watches,but a big heart and conscience,loyalty overflowing,love for each – antique, unique – superpower in my selfless soul,stand behind me,protect everything, everyone,bene-man, the good and well,bene-man, the heart and soul,bene-man, the hero at the end of the day,bene-man arrives,all is well. And so Bene-man arrivedContinue reading “bene-man”


slanted sunlight

the slanted sunlightform a halo on your facehappy days, new hope Just a small haiku for y’all on this cold yet sunny day in California. Wanted to say thank you for giving me the motivation everyday to wake-up and write, even amidst school work and all the pressures of life. 200 followers, everyone! Let’s travelContinue reading “slanted sunlight”

Thoughts of a Child

Whimsical, light-hearted thoughts of a child the wind is blowing wheeeeeeeeand the swing is slowly swinging side to side,but i hate swings. and my mom won’t let me eat ice-cream (apparently, it’s unhealthy) so i decided i wasn’t going to speak to her todaybut then i got a cut on my kneeand then i hadContinue reading “Thoughts of a Child”