close-minded fools

these foolshave no idea whysociety has sunk below what is acceptableand what is respectable(they blame what they don’t understand)because they don’t have eyesand continue believing the truthin their lies and, in their close-minded world,other opinions are wrongand only theirs are rightand so the cycle of hate, bigotry,racism, xenophobia, homophobia,and all that is wrong with theContinue reading “close-minded fools”

empty space

there is an empty space the spot you last vacated angry words and heavy sighs whispered truths and shouted lies apologies now forever unheard speaks volumes about last words regret and tears our bitter drinks topped with fears come true nightmares alive drowning in silent cries shattered glass on the ground red strings of fateContinue reading “empty space”

preach nothing

preach – they preach at the top,hands a-waving, mouths a-spitting,frothing, they preachtheir truths of life – sparks of nothingfizzle into nothing – preaching, they slam their drinks,everyone has lost their mindsbut them, they preach – saviors, they will save the lowlifes,they will be million-dollar car drivesinto voids of wealth well-squandered,shouting – preach – voices makeContinue reading “preach nothing”

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