fall of the arrogant

they saw with dollar signsdug into their eyes, they drank the wine of the gods, laughlike they beat the odds, drunk themselvesto the edge of their superiority, dionysuscovered his eyes in pity, the fools didn’t knowthe storm ahead, the bow aimed at their heads,but still they drank, trapped in chainsof the blame game, dregs ofContinue reading “fall of the arrogant”


your boots were big,they created cratersas you walkeddown the sand. my small ones followed yours,my one foot – yours triple –and i walked behind youdown the sand. your feet didn’t grow,mine did, till yours was just double mine,but i still followed you,down the sidewalk. your footsteps grew fainter,mine grew bolder,yours stayed double mine,but mine stillContinue reading “footsteps”

Life on a Micro-level Versus on a Macro-level: Meaningless or Not?

Isn’t it just demoralizing that the future consists of college, job, and then death? This is the timeline of a life: Baby. Child. Going to elementary school. Pre-teenager. Going to middle school. Teenager. Going to high school. Worry about the future. Figure out who your friends are. Figure out which major you’re going to have.Continue reading “Life on a Micro-level Versus on a Macro-level: Meaningless or Not?”

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