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mismatched comedy

yellow polka dots, purple stripes, clown suits perfect for springshit-eating grin and lifted eyebrow, scholarly smile, hands foldedhigh heels and suits, those shoes hurt my feetmullets and chopped hair, just wanted a small changespilled drinks and crumbled napkins, man, what a messy dinnerflying spit and otherworldly saucers, did i make you laugh too hard?blue elephantsContinue reading “mismatched comedy”


peter pan

i want to stay in the land of sun,the land with no rain,where it is all fun and games,laughter and child’s play. i want to stay in the land of smiles,where our feet can walk milesand never feel tired,with boundless energy like the Nile. i want to stay in the land of no worries,where financeContinue reading “peter pan”

What Makes You Laugh?

Laughter is the best medicine. Unknown I don’t suppose there’s anything cheery about being cooped up in your home all day. It’s not cheery to see other countries opening up, and you’re still chained to your room and can’t go see your friends. It’s not cheery to see the countless deaths in the country fromContinue reading “What Makes You Laugh?”