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rusted chains snap with a metallic clang of finality. you tied me up with ropes that chafed at my wristthrew me in a dungeon, submerged me in ice,is it because i refused to paint your golden palace floors in yellow bloodred droplets in a circle – the choker around your neck – yeah, i bleedContinue reading “papillon”


true morality defines freedom: immanuel kant

chains on our choices,true freedom is misleadingdetermined by wants – think about it. when you had the ‘freedom’ to choose your drink choice, it wasn’t really freedom at all. your choice was determined by your innate desire for sprite. you didn’t choose to like sprite. you just liked it. so, you see, the term freedomContinue reading “true morality defines freedom: immanuel kant”

“All American Boys” Book Review: Grappling with Racism, Loyalty, and Violence

All American Boys, written by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely, grapples with racism, and parallels very closely to the George Floyd incident of today. It is the very epoch of the movement between black lives matter versus blue lives matter. The truth versus the lie. Justice versus loyalty to one’s own blood. Rashad, a blackContinue reading ““All American Boys” Book Review: Grappling with Racism, Loyalty, and Violence”