feel nothing.

don’t worry, they say,people have it worse than you, they say,why are you crying? it doesn’t even look like it hurts that much, they say,be grateful for who you are, they say. my shards of feelingsburied beneath a gray maskof only great joy unmoved mannequin,my lips stretched – forever smile – i suffer nothing. deadContinue reading “feel nothing.”


these scars that maim your beauty,that crisscross across your pure soul,they each tell the story of your journey,give you unique characteristics that wouldn’t fit on another,paint your happiness in brighter lights,and give you a bigger heart – don’t view them as handicaps,despite at times they weigh you down as you swim and cause you toContinue reading “scars”

slanted sunlight

the slanted sunlightform a halo on your facehappy days, new hope Just a small haiku for y’all on this cold yet sunny day in California. Wanted to say thank you for giving me the motivation everyday to wake-up and write, even amidst school work and all the pressures of life. 200 followers, everyone! Let’s travelContinue reading “slanted sunlight”

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