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these scars that maim your beauty,that crisscross across your pure soul,they each tell the story of your journey,give you unique characteristics that wouldn’t fit on another,paint your happiness in brighter lights,and give you a bigger heart – don’t view them as handicaps,despite at times they weigh you down as you swim and cause you toContinue reading “scars”

mother’s journey

gently, she kissesthe top of her baby’s head,wishing for the best she carries the houseon her well-worn tired shoulders – her baby gurgles nights filled with worriesof her baby – her future – tear tracks carved in deep the wrinkles of timemark her face as her baby grows and blossoms sweet till the day arrivedwhenContinue reading “mother’s journey”


it’s the chilly breezethat sweep through the empty room,flowing over decimated soulsthat makes him wake. inside that hallowed soul,where dust and cobwebs dwell,a match sparks, a light burns,winter slowly turns into spring. the rattling of chainsand the heavy presence of cuffsfinally fallen away…(it’s hard walking without them). but, slowly, the smile rises,like the sun onContinue reading “redemption”