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Day 17: Bullet Journaling

Journaling has become extremely popular over these past two years. And it is important in maintaining our mental health as well as allowing us to vent our frustrations and feelings into, what it seems to be, a wall. But the rising popular of journaling is not due to the constant reminders by healthcare professionals. It’sContinue reading “Day 17: Bullet Journaling”


Don’t Force Yourself to Write

You’re staring at a blank page. No words litter the page with your ideas and imagination. It’s just… blank. We’ve all encountered this before. You sit down, ready to type something, and nothing comes into mind. In fact, this post started because I had nothing to write about and wrote a few nonsense sentences ontoContinue reading “Don’t Force Yourself to Write”

So the World Can Hear…

Scream! The world is vast, filled with animals and plants. Filled with humans of all kinds who, like us, are filled with a mission to be something greater. To be something better. But, often, looking for one human – looking for you, looking for me – is like finding a needle in a haystack. OurContinue reading “So the World Can Hear…”